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 Dilsy Mendez is a passionate multi-professional who relentlessly aims to increase the representation and success of minorities in leadership positions. She is driven by her belief that brilliance can be created through life experiences and anyone is capable of transforming their lived experiences into skill sets needed to be successful. Growing up in an immigrant household, with limited resources and opportunities, she is a prime example of what it means to turn lemons into lemonade.  Her goal is to empower leaders to own and re-define brilliance! Through her career background with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) research, marketing, non-profit, and private sectors, Dilsy has contributed to the development of webinars, training, and employee resource groups for a variety of teams, and companies. 

Dilsy is a lifelong learner that consistently seeks to improve her skill sets to differentiate herself within her field. As a proud alumna of Barry University, where she obtained her M.S in Entrepreneurial Management and B.S in International Studies, she plans to obtain her Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She aims to transform today’s diverse workforce through the power of innovation and entrepreneurship. Her career success has been greatly due to her supportive mentors and her ambition.

Dilsy’s advocacy and passion for leadership and development extend beyond her professional experience. She has owned her brilliance and with her dedication to uplift the voice of communities of color, she created a podcast, Me Puse las Pilas, to share her personal experiences navigating her career and provide insight and guidance to other young professionals and leaders. She also interviews professionals from all sectors on what they consider brilliance in their field of work. She aspires to be a fearless Latina Leader.

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